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Upgrade or Replace?

Upgrade or Replace?


The common question we all have when it comes to our personal or business computers is the options either to upgrade our current unit, or completely purchase a new. Our technicians have some insight on this matter.

Upgrading your current unit is ALWAYS recommended, although some of us who aren’t so tech savvy, often overlook this option simply because we do not realize all the possible upgrade options. When you purchase any device, it comes with the pre-installed specifications such as hard drive size, allotted memory, graphics card specs and etc. All of these components on MOST any model computer, can be upgraded! If your hard drive is failing, or simply too small for the proper storage optimization you need, it can be upgraded to a larger size! If your computer is running slow, because your memory is only 6GB, you can simply upgrade it to 8GB, or sometimes even more depending on the model and devices performance requirements/limitations. When your system is getting hot, and the fan seems clogged, you can have it cleaned OR even replace the fan. Often times by doing these few small performance upgrades, you can add an additional 3-5 years to the life of any device.

Of course we all LOVE the option of starting over, and for some devices that are beyond the point of having any upgrades performed, purchasing a new would of course be the best solution.

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