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Repair Vs. Replace

Repair Vs. Replace

Repair or to Replace

A decision has to be made about your beloved gadget, either to replace it completely or to repair. Sadly, no device lasts forever to replacing is sometimes the only option. But what about repair? Depending on the problem itself, the device could potentially be repaired saving you literally hundreds of dollars on purchasing a new device.

Replacing a device is often not always a cheaper option. Cellular contracts, while slowly diminishing, are still being used today in order for new or existing customers to get new phones for a discount. That discount usually comes at a cost as the customer is unaware that the price of the bill includes the monthly charge of the brand new phone. By the end of the contract the customer is usually paying a few hundred dollars more for a device they could have bought out right for slightly cheaper. Other cellular plans don’t even include the phone so the price of the phone is on the customer. The average price of a brand new phone is at least $500.

Repairing an already paid for device is usually a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new device. You and device have been through a lot in your life together. You’ll be surprised at how long a well care for mobile device can last you. Most repairs aside from a cracked screen is a malfunctioning battery that no longer holds a charge. Simple repairs such as this can make a device last much longer and continue to bring you enjoyment.

Truth is, you highly value your device and would wish to keep it, but it’s bound to break or malfunction. At Great Tech Geeks, our dedicated team of technicians offers an effective and comprehensive diagnosis of the problem with absolutely no cost to you so there’s no guesswork. We do thorough and objective troubleshooting of the device to zero-in on the actual problem. A cracked screen, for example, may not be the only problem; internally, the device could have been jolted by a sudden drop dislodging or worse destroying the components. We have the tools and to detect such problems. Once the problem is identified, we will give you a quote and invoice you. If you accept, we proceed with the repair.

Your satisfaction is our mission, so Great Tech Geeks offers competitive pricing. If we don’t have the lowest price, we’ll price match our competitor and beat it by 10%. We will even match online coupons like Groupon; we mind your pocket so that you can have your device and have something left over.

GTG guarantees quality service and helping you decide on the best course of either repairing or replacing your device. Our smart phones are very valuable, bring it to the experts in town at GTG.

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