The business environment for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is constantly changing –transforming the nature of customers, business dynamics and competition. Given the scenario, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) becomes a key enabler and driver for companies, to gain an edge in the competitive world. Therefore it is utmost important to have the availability of IT services to your Internal and External Customers all the times. It is observed for a Small and medium size of business it is very challenging to setup IT applications, Database, Hardware etc., and all though more it’s maintenance while it is absolutely necessary to have the access of latest IT to combat the competition and make your business successful. Leverage IT to expand your business on the outsourcing Model which helps you reducing your capital cost and yet gaining the access of latest IT tools. Focus on core-business activities by paying for only what you use and save on upfront IT capex, the same capex you may utilize for your business expansion.



Small, common IT challenges can often send a business into a tailspin leading to financial losses, customer repercussions, and even legal problems. We audit your processes and implement security best practices at all vulnerable points.


Maintaining IT hardware is expensive and time-consuming, especially for businesses already challenged with managing the growing demands of operations. We can handle your business hardware with a more efficient use of capital and staff.


The last thing you need is business-critical computing to be interrupted, and the disruption of other systems in the process. We decrease, even eliminate, downtime for your business. 


We provide a range of world-class IT management solutions to suit your specific business requirements and budget. We meet the challenge of delivering exactly the business IT services you need. We solve your IT problems in a step-by-step manner at your pace.


Mobile Device Management Managed Network Services Managed Security Services Desktop Management Services Patch Management Services Ticket Management Services Pro- Active Monitoring

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

We deliver integrated device provisioning, configuration, security, monitoring, management, and support for devices owned by your company and employees. Great Tech Geeks can  deploy and control large numbers of mobile devices from a single global web-based console. We easily enforce security policies and compliance, secure mobile access to corporate resources, track lost devices, and remotely lock and wipe Apple, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows mobile devices. End-users get fast activation on their device of choice while enterprises easily manage thousands of mobile devices and applications.


  • Configure device settings for accessing enterprise resources and applications
  • Enforce your acceptable use policies
  • Manage certificates to authorize and authenticate Wi-Fi and VPN network communication with approved access points


  • Enforce a device pass-code with configurable complexity, length, lock and wipe rules
  • Encrypt device data respective to platform
  • Control employee ability to use specific device features, apps and web browsing
  • ABQ (Allow-Block-Quarantine) of unknown, unsupported and devices suspected of being compromised and prevent access to Exchange ActiveSync
  • Monitor for geophone violations to enforce location-based usage rules in real-time


  • Provision employee, corporate, shared and non-email devices
  • Deploy a bulk number of devices quickly and accurately or allow employees to self-register on the Self-Service Portal
  • Securely connect to the Enterprise LDAP/AD to authenticate
  • Customize the Self-Service Portal with your IL and CL device usage agreement terms. Ensure acceptance during enrollment


  • Send commands over SSL to devices to request info, lock, locate or wipe a device
  • Update configuration profiles over SSL and re-provision devices automatically
  • Control the device polling intervals at which the console captures data


  • Intelligent rules monitor granular non-compliant events and activities with automated responses
  • Comply with privacy laws by disabling the monitoring of certain device data

Managed Network Services

Managed Network Services

Networking is the backbone of all kind of IT infrastructure. all the equipment and systems in your business environment is the most hectic and time taking process. And the problems becomes more complex and fuzzier when any of network component stopped working or behaving what it is not supposed to do.

The networking techniques today are more affordable, secured and offering a higher bandwidth. Great Tech Geeks provides most efficient and cost effective Managed Network Services to monitor all the networking structure in your business premises. We help you to use a hassle-free, most advanced lag free and cost effective networking services.

Our Service Offerings

  • Managed Local Area Networking
  • Managed Wide Area Networking
  • Analysis of data transmission for fault detection
  • Access to Cloud Services
  • Routers And switches Configuration
  • Access Points & Firewall configuration

How beneficial are these services for you?

  • You are getting complete Network support from our trained and certified team of experts. You don’t have to spend your time for managing the network and all connectivity.
  • Our engineers will be taking care of all your day to day challenges and troubleshooting all the network intended problems.
  • You will have the user friendly view of all the reports and performance status of network.
  • Now you have to focus on your business only we are taking care of all your networking requirements.
  • Most importantly you will be getting a future-proof network architecture for your business environment.
  • As we understand how important is the networking for your business growth. We assure you not to having any worry about any network related problems.

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

Security is the most important and essential part of any kind of business. Without security your business is always in threat of viruses, malware and most importantly data breach in your organization. If we talk about the current scenario,the speed of cyber-attacks have been increased in several years. All kinds of virus and threats are more progressive and most unpredictable. And the only thing which is most annoying in a business is you have to spend most of your capital to secure your systems while you don’t have any appropriate security system installed.

Great Tech Geeks is the most reliable company which follows a systematic approach to manage your business security requirements. Our certified experts suggest and install best security provisions for your business.

Below are the services included in GTG’s Security Management Services

  • 24*7 Proactive monitoring of environment.
  • Compliance Friendly firewall management and installation services.
  • Managed D-DOS Attack Protection.
  • Endpoint Security provisions.
  • Managed Web Application Security.
  • Real time detection for all the issues.
  • Continuous protection with best and latest technology.
  • Managed IT equipment security.
  • Formulation of 3rd party security assessments.
  • DLP services and Secured Web Gateway.
  • Secured Payment gateways.
  • Identity Access Management provisions.
  • Virtual Private Network management.

What benefits will you get with GTG?

  • Your business security is under 24*7 surveillance of GTG.
  • You have more time to focus on your business expansion as we are here to take care of your security concern.
  • You will be updated about your security with the most user friendly reports shared by our security experts.
  • You will be using the most cost effective and vulnerabilities proof security system for your business.

So just don’t wait for any mishaps just give us a call and all your security concerns are our now.

Desktop Management Services

Desktop Management Services

Desktop Management is an important but also neglected service in lot of the organizations at a time. Underestimating the desktop management in your business can delay your projects or force you to invest more in the infrastructure towards repairing, replacement and up-gradation of the system and related devices.

At Great Tech Geeks our team take care of all the concerns related to desktops and laptops. We are dedicated to ensure an increased life cycle of your systems, reduce the total cost of ownership, improving the security of your data and the optimal customer satisfaction.

Our Desktop Management services include:

  • Data Recovery and management.
  • Desktop and laptop configuration & support.
  • Support for all peripheral devices.
  • OS and software configuration distribution and installation.
  • Data migration services.
  • Platform migration support for software.
  • Antivirus deployment and protection.
  • Remote desktop access and support.
  • Image management.

Planning to move your office or expanding your business in a new place, our team will provide you the best desktop management services in industry. We help you to remove or repair old machines or to just replace them with new and upgraded ones. We help you to organize all the details and data regarding your software and hardware like hardware configuration, quantities, applications and there versions with all the serial number and licenses.

How beneficial are these services for you?

  • Your systems are now more reliable and more efficient.
  • Your data security is improved against all vulnerabilities.
  • Your resources are now scalable and free to focus on core activities.
  • You are having 24*7 support from our passionate and certified experts.
  • You have advantage of our deep consultative approach which is helping you to achieve great cost saving on services.
  • Your fleet is specially configured as the needs and desires of your business.
  • You have all the choice to utilize our services in-person or remotely or the both.

So whenever you think you need to manage all your desktops and resources, GTG is just one call away from you.

Patch Management Services

Patch Management Services

Managing the patch is most important part of keeping all the services and system upgraded. Business organizations are the most risky target for cyber-attacks. To run smooth and secure your business environment it is mandatory to monitor all the services and system are updated against any security vulnerabilities or any functional issues. Our highly trained professionals take care of all your system and services up-gradation, and make sure that they are  running the latest configuration as per industry parameters.

Below are our offerings in Patch Management Services

  • Risk Free Management of patches.
  • Patch Management Service for UNIX, Mac OS, Windows, Linux and all other Operating Systems.
  • Patch Management Service for applications running in business environment.
  • Monitoring and research for software’s patch sources.
  • Patch deployments according to Priorities and schedule.
  • Testing the patch before deployment.
  • Patch Deployment according to the your system environment.
  • Patch Management services for all the security system and services.

How you will get benefits with our Patch Management Services?

  • Your systems are under 24/7 Monitoring and assistance.
  • You will get Proactive Protection against all vulnerabilities.
  • You will get automated patch services.
  • You will be getting detailed and user friendly status reports.
  • You get the benefit of zero lag deployment to stop any vulnerabilities.
  • Deployment time is customized according to your needs and requirements.
  • All the burden of resource-intensive IT activities will be removed by Patch Management Services.

So why are you waiting. Just call us and we will be there to make your business environment more secure and latest like never before.

Ticket Management Services

Ticket Management Services

How embarrassing is to know that your client’s waiting time is higher than the market average. Less waiting time is the 1st service that the customer expect from any service provider. And the second most important thing is to maintain the database of every customer you served before. The database is the only way to know about your customer’s need, like what kind of services he is expecting and what were the issues he was facing before. These types of many situations comes daily in the business. Customer-relation is the root of success for any business, and the 1st focus of every business is to reduce the distance between the customer and the services.

So if you are also facing these kind of situations, you are at the perfect place. Great Tech Geeks will help you to reduce your time for managing customer’s database and avoid all kinds of integrity issues.

Just have a look what you can get with GTG’s Ticket Management Services

  • The most substantial Ticket Management System.
  • Self-Service portal for ease of interaction between customer and you.
  • Our event management capabilities help you to create logs, process and manage all the information.
  • Our KNOWLEDGE BASE has directory of all tips about the Ticket Management and the most important “How-to Situations” solutions.
  • Multiple channels of communications for client communication.
  • Increased customer retention rate by shortening the waiting time.
  • Prioritisation of tickets and allocation to particular desk.
  • Our database helps you to understand your client’s habits which is most important for long term business relationship.
  • And the most important customer loyalty, by providing your client a real time resolution.

Let’s talk about your benefits while being with us

  • Support for any kind of ticket management services.
  • Business is all about the customer satisfaction and GTG assures you to take care of every client’s need.
  • Our CRM helps you increase the customer’s relation rate.

So now just sit back and relax. Just give us a call or fill the form. Our representative will call you shortly.

Pro- Active Monitoring

Pro-Active Monitoring Services

At Great Tech Geeks, our Pro-Active Monitoring Services continuously monitor the capability of all the system you’ve installed in your business environment. It allows our team to get better understanding on how your services and systems are performing and identify the risk areas and all the factors 24*7.

Our monitoring system take care of every resources in your business environment. Our team ensures the best health status of all the IT services and systems.

Our services are capable of to predict and solve problems for following components of your environment.

  • Network
  • Database
  • Security
  • Servers
  • Disk spaces
  • Event logs
  • Services and processes
  • Memory uses
  • All kind of internet activity and protocols

How beneficial are these services for you?

  • You get 24*7 support for monitoring and troubleshooting the problems.
  • Your system is now available with more capabilities and shorter response time.
  • Your IT and networking maintenance and recovery costs are lesser than never before.
  • You don’t have to waste your time on troubleshooting your systems problem.

We understand the importance of systems in your business. Now you don’t have to worry about any risk of losing the data, system downtime or lower efficiency of your systems.

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