Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the repair smartphone.

General Questions

What Forms of Payment do you accept?

We accept all forms of payment. Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express & Checks

Do I need an appointment to bring my device in for repair?

No. We do not require appointments, and are open to you stopping in at any time that is convenient for you. For the customers who prefer to schedule a time to bring their device in, we have the option of scheduling an appointment.

Do you service my device in my home or at my office?

Yes. We offer door-step services and can also assist with your repair remotely as well. You can schedule this repair with us so we can assign the Geek perfect for the job.

Do you offer any kind of warranty with your work?

Yes. We have a 90 Day warranty on our parts and labor.

Repair Related Questions

How quickly can my device be serviced?

Most smartphones can be repaired within one hour! Larger devices such as laptops, Desktops and Game Systems, can take 1-2 business days. All repairs are different so it depends on what types of issues your device is experiencing.

What should I do If I drop my phone in water?

Avoid connecting your device to any source of power, and contact us to schedule your Free Water Damage Diagnostics right away!

Do you repair Apple products?

Yes. We repair all Apple products. iPhone, iPad, Apple Watches, iMac Desktops, MacBook (all series), Apple TV, Mac Mini & even iPods.

Do you need my phones passcode when you’re doing a repair?

Yes. If there is a passcode on the phone it limits our ability to test all the functions of the device. Please provide your passcode with the device when you drop it off or send it in for repair. This also helps us to ensure all components are functioning post repair just as they were before any work was performed.

I found a repair cheaper, do you guys price match?

Yes. We will price match any quote you’ve been given, and cut it by an additional 10%. Simply provide documentation or proof of the quote, and we will honour the price match!

I think I need multiple repairs; do you have any combo deals?

Yes. We can work with you on prices if/when your device needs multiple repairs. We offer bundled pricing options in those cases.

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