All of us at Great Tech Geeks take it very seriously and put our customers and employee’s health and safety first. During this period, we are trying to keep our process as seamless as possible in order to still offer an excellent customer experience.

We are a provider of essential services during this crisis. U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS-CISA) issued guidance to state and local governments stating that businesses that support communications and information technology are critical infrastructure activities that must continue without interruption during this COVID19 crisis.

We are practicing social distancing within our store and have added extra measures to our repair processes that include some of the following;

• Sanitizing Devices at Check-In and Check-Out
• Washing our hands routinely
• Wearing Gloves & Face Masks when interacting with our customers
• We have also requested that any members of our team who may be under the weather TO STAY AT HOME
• In-Home & On-Site Repair customers are being offered no-contact pick-up, remote and mail-in options for their service repair requirements

We are operating at special business hours until further notice as follows:
Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM
Closed on Saturday & Sunday